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Commercial Property In Bulgaria

Недвижимость в Болгарии от

Procurement commercial real estate of Bulgaria may be interesting in terms of both the opening of their own business and the investment. To date, offices, hotels, income-generating houses, restaurants and other commercial facilities are being sold. A regional purchase can be a shore, capital or, for example, a mining resort.

as well as a living, it's not cheap enough. For example, buying a small hotel in a popular tourist destination can be at a very interesting price. And if we compare Western European rates, the advantage will be on the side of the Balkan country. At the same time, it is difficult to invest in a high-value facility, for example, a hotel on a balniological resort or a multi-family house on the coast to rent. If the future is correctly calculated, they will be assured of substantial profits. The value of small commercial facilities will also increase over time.

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