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Bulgaria Sea Real Estate

Real estate catalogue, marine real property

Bulgaria: marine real property

With regard to real property in Bulgaria at sea (houses or other facilities), it cannot be noted that this is one of the most attractive proposals in the European market to date. And this allegation is not sound, and it can be substantiated by valid arguments:

  • After a slight decline in the cost of real property in the sea associated with the 2008-2009 crisis, the objects are rebuilt at a price. 2010 showed that Bulgarian properties on the coast I started using demand at the pre-crisis level. Obviously, her potential has not been exhausted.
  • Houses in the shore and mountain areas remain accessible to most Rossians who are classified as middle class. For example, a small flat at sea can be bought for Euro15 to 25,000. This amount is negligible with the amount of funds required for apartheid in any Western European country, including Italy, Spain or Greece.
  • But most importantly, it's income.

It is difficult to overestimate the dignity of living property in Bulgaria at sea if it is to be abstracted from figures and facts. Its high capacity is eloquently reflected in sales and construction volumes, which have multiplied over the past few years.

How much is the villa in Bulgaria at sea?

This is perhaps one of the most important issues of concern to potential buyers. Price distribution is quite large. Much of the cost depends on the location and area of the land. Thus, several examples can be cited to illustrate:

  • 60,000 euros. A two-storey house at the sea, which is 116 square metres, can be purchased.
  • 120,000 euros. This facility consists of 7 spalen, located in Balcchik and is embedded by an exquisite architecture. All necessary furniture, including kitchen, is available to future owners of a well-built territory, conversation, vanna Jacuzzi.

Of course, it's just some offers to sell real estate on the coast. The website database can be used to obtain an estimate of the cost.

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