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Desperate Property Abroad

Dish real estate in Bulgaria

Недвижимость за рубежом у моря
The devastation in Bulgaria has become a reality in the past few years. Real property prices fell by more than 30 per cent per year. You can now acquire a truly cheapest real estate in Bulgaria, in Sofia, Warne and other big cities. As well as in rural and low-population areas of Bulgaria at 2004-2005 cost

Real property prices are only 1 000 euros. This allows for the purchase of real property in Bulgaria to be very cheap, especially in comparison with other European countries. The proposal is extremely diverse and rich in proclamation of real estate proposals with discounts. That makes prices extremely attractive, and the purchase of real property this year is a truly beneficial solution. In addition to real estate facilities with discounts and better offers, you will also find crisis properties throughout Bulgaria.

The sale of low-cost real property in Bulgaria attracts many investors for a number of reasons.
• Bulgaria is a country with a stable economic and political environment.
• The European market has excellent development prospects. The Bulgarian legal and regulatory system is harmonized with the European system at an accelerated pace.
♪ The market situation in Bulgaria is very forecast, creating calm confidence and activity among foreign investors.
♪ In Bulgaria, foreign firms are provided with unimpeded investment, income protection, and simple remittance schemes are in place.
♪ Licensing and settlement issues in the country are as simplified as possible.
♪ In Bulgaria, there is a possibility of investing in real property for natural citizens with the PGM abroad and legal persons not registered in Bulgaria.

Reality in Bulgaria is cheap and not very well collected in our database. More than 50,000 diversified values, region, real estate facilities allow customers to make optimal choices. Go to our offices to order a real estate survey or consult on any question of purchase or lease.

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