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Where To Buy Property Abroad

Top 10 countries to purchase property abroad in 2015

The ratings of France. In a year, compared to the first quarter of 2014, the country was able to move up two positions upwards. It is true that the continued promotion of " fashion lawmakers " in the rating of the interest of Russian-speaking real estate buyers is hampered by objective factors; local square metres are not cheap at all. On the Lasour Bank, which is where the region is most demanded, there's nothing to buy for less than I'm 100,000. And even for that big money, you can find at best just a tiny studio. Therefore, the circle of those who might in principle afford to be interested in France is unlikely to increase significantly.

9. USA

Real property in the United States is rarely acquired exclusively for recreation. Separate the ocean for two weeks' leave, not everyone will agree. More often, buying an emigration target, a second home for those who have kinship or business contacts with the United States or an investment transaction. The most popular regions are solar Florida and California and business New York. The number of requests for American real estate has not increased in a year. The country was only able to take the ninth position because other ratings lost their seats... But later.

8. Montenegro

The Balkan country, which does not require a visa to travel, is confidently kept in a dozen popular areas for housing. In a year, Montenegro ' s position was weakened. It fell from fourth to eighth. Local realtors were hoping that Act on the granting of real property to foreign ownerswhich was scheduled to enter into force on 1 April 2015 will support demand. However, April has already begun and the Montenegrin authorities have been silent on the immigration programme. However, even if the residence permits start to be issued, the impact of the bomb exploded is likely not to occur. Montenegro is not a member of Schengen, the " gold visa " does not open Europe ' s borders, which means it is not as interesting as Russians as similar programmes in Greece or Latvia.

7. Greece

At the beginning of 2014, Greece was on the eighth line of rating, and in 2013 it was not even ten. The country ' s interest is growing largely due to the crisis in the local economy. As is often the case, what is not good for Greeks gives foreigners additional opportunities. In recent years, local property has become more accessible. In addition, the country ' s authorities, forced to seek investment in all possible ways, have launched a relatively low-cost " gold visas " programme. To get the GNW in Greece, it's enough to spend the real estate of Y250,000, and in Spain, for example, I'm 500,000.

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