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Rental Of Home In Italy

Rest in villas

title=The cost of renting accommodation in Italy for recreation depends on the choice of the coast. The region for a very wealthy public is the north-west coast of Italy, Toscan and Liguri.

In Liguria, it's San Remo's resort, Rapallo, Portofino. In Toskan, the super-crazed Viaregio resort and his vip suburb of Forte de Marmi. The Amalfita Riviera, south of Naples, is also an elite region (Sorrento, Amalfi and Pozitano). There are many expensive villas in this region.

Keep in mind that despite the high villa class in Liguri and the Sorrento area, there are usually many rocky coasts and the sea will have to go down either the stairs or the county miles (even if your house hangs over the shore). This accommodation is primarily for guests with a vehicle.

Many Europeans prefer to rent a house 5 to 10 kilometres from the shore, where the collar feels, and the coast is always available in the car. In Liguri and Toscan, simple apartheid in mass tourist complexes can also be removed.

Rest in northern Italy

Rental of good quality absorption in tourist complexes in painting areas will cost an average of 1,000 euros per week (for 4-6 persons). For this price, you will have a comfortable apartment with 1-2 bedrooms in the center of the resort or private gardens and possibly a pool in the territory.

On the northwest, the popular coast of Odyssey is Riviera de Ulisse. In Riviera de Ulisse, housing can be rented both in old mansions and in modern tourist complexes. The main advantage of resting, except for local colorite, is the proximity to Rome (not more than an hour of driving). The rental of apartheid in the Italian region will cost about Euro1,000 per week in the summer season.

Rest on Sicily

If you're romantic and you like a calm, private rest, then Cicilia will welcome you to the great beaches, the beautiful landscapes, the original mixing of Greek and Roman cultures, the delicious Italian wine and the best olives. The rental of apartments on the island of Citilia directly on the coast for 4-6 people will cost Euro1,000-1,200.

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