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French Apartments

Quarters and apartments in France. Prices, market review

Проект квартиры во Франции

Quarters and apartments in France. Prices, market review

Foreigners buy in Francefor both investment and home. Among those who wish to surrender Rentalthe studios are popular, and those who move to the country to the whole family are using apartments with 2-4 bedrooms.

Prices Apartments in France varies depending on the city. There are apartments in Paris, an average of approximately Euro6-13,000/m2. In Biarrica, 3-8, 5,000 euros/m2, in Nitza, for Euro2, Euro5,700/m2, for Euro5 to 16,000/m2. More expensive apartments are found in the cities of Ange, Gavre, Le Man and Nim, on average about Euro1,52,000/m2.

Foreigners acquire apartments in France not only in the suburbs and large cities, but also in mining resorts. Apartments in Kurshevel, Interev and Meribele can be purchased at a price exceeding Euro8,000/m2. The cost of apartheid in Wal-D’Izer and Shamoni is approximately Euro6,000/m2. Déchevla can purchase apartments on Wal Thorance resorts, La Plan

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