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Real Estate In The Islands

Hot sale: Greek real estate has developed a line

Купить Дом Северные Эгейские

One of the points of the agreement to grant Greece a third aid programme is the establishment of a guarantee fund. It will consist of State assets that will be sold to all those who wish. These are sea and air ports, stations and factories, mansions, villas and houses, and, of course, the Greek merchandise, islands that are about 6,000 in Ella.

Investors and wealthy people from many countries are dreaming of the Greek Islands, but until recently they have rarely appeared in the market and are usually transmitted from generation to generation in Greek families. It is now due to the proliferation last year of the major Real property tax and the islands, as well as the severe overall deterioration of the financial situation of the vast majority of Greeks, the situation has changed.

In a major London Real Estate Agency, Knight Frank predicts a sharp increase in the sales of Greek islands in the very near future. Last year, there were two dozen pieces for sale. Following the signing of the third aid programme agreement this morning, the figures are expected to increase significantly.

By the way, our compatriots have contributed significantly to the boom on Greek islands. He was, to a very large extent, created by a 25-year-old Russian, namely, Catherine Fishlovlev, the daughter of a billionaire Dmitri Rybolovlevlev, who owned one and a half years ago one of the world ' s most famous islands, Scorpios. This island was located on the western coast of Greece, the Ionic Sea, for many years owned by the Onassis family. Last year, Athens, the granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis, sold him to the Fisher, allegedly for $168 million.

Wall Street Journal writes that the neighbouring Ribola is a former Qatari Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. Last year, the Pima Investment Group purchased $6,9 million for an uninhabited island of 5 km2, which is now building.

Island prices range from several million to 100 million, depending on many reasons. For example, Nissos Island in the Ionic Sea is sold for $6.8 million. Omphori is near, but it costs a lot more than $62 million.

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