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Sale Of Real Property In Greece

туризм в греции

With Greece ' s entry into Europe, real estate in Greece has become more demanding. Many foreigners seek to acquire it, fairly considering its profitable investment and an excellent opportunity for comfort. In addition, public policies favour foreign investment Greek real estate♪ Investment attracts both the commercial and real estate of the Greek housing stock. Industrial property also has sufficient attractiveness.

Greek real property can be acquired not only by a person who has obtained a residence permit, but also by any foreign national (both resident and non-resident). The only exception is those located in the border zone (especially the one located near the Turkish border) - its foreigner will not be sold under any type. To choose a house in Greece, you can go to the study tour where you will be informed about the objects of interest. You can buy houses of a variety of kinds, ranging from grad to luxury apartments on the sea bank. Either way, it's comfort housing combined with the beauty of the local nature. Purchasing real estate for Greek housing, you become the owner of a great European house with excellent recreational conditions for almost a year.

The stable economic situation in the southern country is an important reason for the purchase of real property in Greece. Most facilities Greece, located on a beautiful sea bank, and will always be popular, which will ensure a stable income for a long time. The priority is not only coastal real property, but also facilities in Athens, which are quite profitable throughout the year. However, specialists also advise that attention should be paid to facilities in other cities where costs may be lower and profits remain about the same level as in the capital. Therefore, in choosing housing in Greece, there is no need to give preference to superficial options, but rather to study the proposals in more detail.

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