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Foreign Property Tax

How the Minfins have destroyed our economy for years

налог для иностранных
Yesterday, IKEA initiated criminal proceedings against the company for non-payment of taxes. The fact is that Russian tax legislation contains this article, article 309 of the Tax Code, which, in some cases, requires foreign companies to pay taxes even if they do not operate through a permanent establishment in the Russian Federation. IKEA did not. Specifically, referring to double taxation treaties, this was done in Germany. Only the amounts she paid are very small. And the agreements on non-application, although not useful enough for Russia, do not allow them to be used to evade taxes.

The fodus is: in theory, the tax authorities should deal with this issue. But the latter refer to the law, which says they can only deal with those who have tax records. And the founders of the GS are not on tax records because they are an offshore company. That's a good thing Minfin should do, but he doesn't. It has been estimated that, in the 10 years that this law exists, the taxes thus uncollected have accumulated some 1 trillion rube or more.

What do we see today? Minfin's ready to pick pathetic work copies from citizens, raising insurance premiums and Real property taxMinfin is ready to exterminate the Russian manufacturing industry by increasing VAT, and Minfin insults pensioners without indexing pensions. But his friends are foreign investors, who owe hundreds of billions, or trillion roubles, he doesn't touch. However, that money would be sufficient to index pensions for years ahead.

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