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Bulgaria ' S Solar Shores

Liability in Bulgaria: sun shore.

Liability in Bulgaria

Quarters at sea

Take it out.


There is a steady demand for real property in Bulgaria on the shore, and the demand for real estate on the solar bank is particularly high.

This involves not only the attractiveness of the resort itself, but also the availability of unique and low-cost offers from our firm. The catalogue available on the site contains a large number of diverse objects: studios, apartments, seasonal and round-trip apartments.

Of particular note is the price levels offered by our company: they are attractive. We're literally flooding the ground to find and offer flats at low prices. We can find proposals at a price of 9,000 euros for a ready apartment. Agree - it is quite real to buy an apartment on the solar shore, the cost of a square metre that will start from 300 euros. Our managers will give you exhaustive advice and help select the most appropriate option for you. In the weeks you've been counted, you'll be the lucky owner of the apartment or apartment on one of the most famous European resorts.

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