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Bulgarian Real Estate At Home

Liability in sea Bulgaria

болгария недвижимость дома

Bulgaria has not been the first year of the most popular destination for Russians buying real estate abroad. There are mining and balniological resorts in the country, but there is still an unevenly greater focus on the real estate of Bulgaria at the sea. After all, the beach rest of our compatriots chooses more often than anyone else.

Bulgaria offers a wide range of facilities that meet the basic requirements of buyers. And these options are offered at very attractive prices. It is important to bear in mind that Marine properties in Bulgaria Appreciated differently across the coast. For example, in the North, housing costs more than in South.

There are many reasons: in the south more have been built in recent years, apartments and housing complexes are located not only close to the beaches but also some distance, which also affects the price. On the other hand, the greener and hillier North offers a more refined, exquisite rest, of course also with the Bulgarian Colorite. In any case, there are thousands of options (both in the primary and secondary market) that are waiting for their buyers.

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