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Rental Of Real Property In Bulgaria

Аренда недвижимости в Болгарии

The increase in the sale of resort properties in Bulgaria is 18 per cent

18/ July/2016

The Rieltors note an increase in purchasing activity on the Black Sea coast of the Balkan country.

According to market participants, interest in new housing is returning, and the real estate market is rebuilt after the stagnation of recent years, writing Novinite.

Regional news

On 1 July, the Sand Sculpture Festival will open in Burgas.

28/ June/2016

This year, the theme of the festival was " The heroes of films " , which inspired 20 sculptors from nine countries to create some of the most popular and favorite artistic film characters.

Do you know?

The demand for recreational activities in Bulgaria increased by 250% per year

13/ September/2016

Hotels and experts define this summer tourist season as the record in recent years. This summer, the number of tourists from Germany and Russia on the Bulgarian coast increased by 40 per cent. The number of tourists from Czech, Polish and Slovakia also increased significantly.

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