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Commercial Real Property In German Prices

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Commercial property in Germany. Prices of ready business

Among Russian investors investing abroad, the greatest demand is Commercial property in Germany♪ Our compatriots are buying both rental apartments and whole income houses. Hotels, shopping centres and small shops on central streets are also required. In addition, there are offices, business centres, nursing homes and restaurants among the offers.

Most investors make price transactions ranging from Euro500,000 to Euro3 million. The cost of offices in major cities is Euro5,900/m2, rental apartments Euro3,600/m2. Prices for income-generating houses start from Euro300 to Euro500,000. The predominant share of the Russians believes that it is better to buy a ready business in Germany than to set a case on its own.

The most popular cities to buy commercial real property are Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. In addition, Freiburg, located in the land of Baden-Württemberg, has become claimed in recent years.

Average income in the central areas of the major cities is 4 to 7 per cent. The low indicator is compensated by the absence of risks: commercial property in Germany is considered to be one of the safest and most secure in the world, and the German market is among the most transparent.

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