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Deutsche Property In Europe

EUR countries ' most affordable real estate

The volatile economy in Russia and Ukraine makes the European real estate market particularly attractive. Many prefer to invest today in low-cost housing abroad, which is surprisingly accessible. An interesting trend is also observed in the tourism segment: previously unpopular recreational European countries are suddenly required. Travellers are now on their way to Serbia and Bulgaria, Albania and Montenegro. Not only for the comfort of rest, but also for the acquisition of low-cost real property in the resort zones of the guest European States.


Brings the attention of future owners to their central position on the map of Europe. Living plains and mineral sources, national wine products and thermal lakes are what attracts tourists. And those who want to settle in Hungary will come up in the spirit of local real estate. About 2,000 euros per square metres will cost expensive housing in elite recreational areas or in the centre of Budapest.

But if we look for more affordable real estate in Hungary, we can find some rather cheap options. Even in the vicinity of the dirty lake of Hewis, the largest resort area of the State. There's only Euro1,000 to 1,500 worth of space. The real property price in Hungary is 40 per cent lower than the European average. The investment of some Euro250,000 in the State bonds guarantees the right of permanent residence here.


Strictly attracts tourist popularity. Clean air, Adriatic marine waters, cozy forests and painting mountains are a paradise for travellers who have lost their souls. The swim season in Montenegro lasts until November. There is no other advantage for our travellers, even though this land is ready to offer them in abundance. The cost of housing is 42 per cent lower than the average price for Central Europe.

Life here is pretty cheap. But the cost of elite housing in Montenegro sometimes reaches Euro8,000. Whereas budget apartments in the centre of Podgorica can only be purchased for Euro800 to 10,000 per square metre. On average, 1,600-2000 euros will be available for ownership in the resort coastal zone. In the coming years Real property prices Montenegro will grow significantly because the country is dynamically developing the tourist segment.

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