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Real property in tourists

Затраты на проживание в Турции

Taxes, payments, utilities

Real property tax non-profit property (0.3 per cent of this value in TAP);
:: Commercial real property (0.4 per cent);
:: Land area without construction permit (0.2 per cent);
∙ land purchased for construction (0.4 per cent).
Electricity I0, 11-0, 18 kWh, depending on time of day
Water I1, 3-1, 8 per cubic metre
Gas (ballon 8l) On average, I30
Idath (land, garbage disposal, etc) I10-150 depending on the range of services

Specific example
A apartment building with a pool, a sauna, a pit, a yard, 1+1 bedroom + 1 living room, an area of 65 square metres, a price.
62,000, 1 km from the sea.

  • Annual tax (indicative) I100
  • Utilities
    land management and cleaning, security, etc.) per year
  • Water charges (per year) average 50 euros per month
  • Gas (gas cylinder) 4 per year - 30 euros each I120
  • Electricity for the year - an average of 50 euros per month
  • Total expenditure per year


Food in Turkey is relatively cheap. The cylograms of meat (beef/baranine) are from me8, chickens are from ja3, fish from ja4, rinza, about ja3, cucumbers/ tomatoes, about ya0, 5, potatoes, about ya0, 4, strawberries/bananas, I1, bread buoy (250 g) - about ja0, 5, pack of cigarettes - from ja3.

Most of the population is purchased in supermarkets (BİM-BIM, ŞOK-SOCK, Birebir-1e1, large supermarkets - METRO, Migros, Carrefour, KİPA) and weekly food and textiles. They're in every neighborhood. There are also hidden food markets and wholesale warehouses in all cities.

In Turkey, it is accepted to trade with sellers, both in markets and in many stores.

Café and restaurants offer meals, both traditional Turkish and European kitchens. The average cost of the lunch is about the meal. There's a lot of popularity in the canteens with the Turkish kitchen, where a three-way meal will cost me five. It's customary to leave tips.

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