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House On The Coast Of Spain

Take the villa off the sea for a week or more.

Как можно получать пассивный

Our proposal includes a broad choice of villas on the coast of Spain, which can be leased for a long or short period.
Among them, we have villas located directly by sea on the first coastline.

The cost of renting villas in Spain begins from Euro 1,800 per week in the peak months of July and August, usually for groups of 6 to 8 persons, located 500 metres and above the sea, is fully equipped to live. The villas in modern style, with a private pool in the Territory and on the first-second line of the sea are between Euro3,000 per week and above.

In most cases, the minimum tenancy period is 1 week. Practically all villas have a rule: driving and leaving exclusively on Saturdays (in rare cases on Sundays).
For long-term villa leases (of 4 weeks), substantial discounts of 10 to 20 per cent of the total cost can be calculated, and owners are willing to make a discount on the early villa reservations a few months prior to their arrival.

When renting a villa in Spain, you may order additional services such as:

  • individual airport transfer;
  • Rental of vehicles;
  • cooking, nanny, maid, driver, etc.;
  • reservation in restaurants;
  • Tour guides and stuff!

If you have questions, you can ask them on the phone +8 495 201-46-32 or send a question through the application form above.
For the most frequent questions about how to remove the villa in Spain or another country, we have created pages: how to rent when to do what savings might be. Also on transfer and additional services.

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