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продам недвижимость за
Sale of 2 room apartment, 35 m2. Nice, 7th floor.
The project is called Laaguna Beach Resort 3-The Maldives, located in Pattya. The price of a similar apartment is lower than that of the developer. No commission.
The apartment is equipped with a key, full memble like a photo. Big Logia. The complex comprises seven 8-stage buildings and occupies more than 250,000 square metres. It's only 900 metres from Jomtien Beach. The internal territory is in the Maldives style. Child cartridges, underground parking, commercial area with stores, bars and restaurants, botanical gardens. Fontans, mountains and waterfalls all over the compound. Massage salon, roof gym, underground parking, mini golf, beach on the compound. The Lagoon Basin, which is 5,700 square metres, will extend throughout the complex and consists of three zones, combined with artificial islands and three sand beaches.
Target date 2017.
Pay scheme:
Initial contribution - 400,000 BATT.
The remaining part of BATT 1,020,000 is provided when the apartment is ready. If necessary, the deal can be arranged without going to Thailand remotely. Looking at the photo on the construction run, you can see the Heights Holdings site, updates every two weeks.
Good investment. Two to three months a year, you can live by yourself, the rest of the time to be handed over to the company manager, 10 per cent. We can exchange. Call, ask questions. Owner.

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