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Foreign property in Spain: renting apartments, houses, apartments or villas. Real property prices in Spain.

In Spain, as in most other European countries, apartheid is conditionally divided into the following types:

  • an apartment building capable of installing 2-4 persons with all necessary facilities,
  • a two-room apartment in which 4-6 people can be accommodated, with a separate kitchen and a guest room,
  • A three-room apartment with 6-12 tourists.

Another option is the luxury class apartments in elite residences and housing complexes, the internal disposal of which resembles elite hotels.

Most often, apartheid is given to lively complexes or condominiums, where there is a pool, parking and other benefits of civilization. The perfect option for family rest is renting an apartment on a selected resort where a normal home environment can be created.

Specialities and nuances for the rental of apartheid in Spain

The choice of housing can be made on the websites of agencies or intermediaries and can be leased directly from owners on special resources (if owned by English and/or Spanish).

Summer leave is better planned in advance, better in months. If the owners' documents and the contract are in order, it makes sense to send the prepayments as a guarantee that you won't change your mind.

Rental of villas in Spain

Usually the villa rented is a house designed for 1-2 families with several bedrooms, a living room, kitchens and rooms. Sometimes there's a personal pool, a garage, a garden or a terrace, a back room. Renting a villa in Spain to a large company is more cost-effective than hosting a hotel. But with that reservation you're planning at least two weeks to rest. An elevated villa can be booked on the website or by telephone at the offices of Spanish real estate companies dealing with such services (no fear of language ignorance, many companies have Russian-speaking managers) or Russian partner companies. This procedure is not difficult, but it requires careful attention, especially the paragraph where all costs are written and which can be ordered for a separate fee. In the event that travellers need an invitation, the Spanish company will issue it for a separate fee (about 50 EUR). One invitation is issued with passport data from all tourists entering the rented villa.

You can book the villa directly from the real estate owners. However, there is a nuance here: in considering a visa application for the Embassy of Spain, except for a lease contract, the owner of the villa has the right to request a passport (at least the relevant pages). So we need to agree if he can send it to you.

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