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Liability at sea

Гранд-канал Италия дома

Italy is one of the five most visited tourists in the world. It can offer thousands, even tens of thousands, of honours - historical and cultural, gastronomical and sports. However, the most compelling of most Russians was, is and will be the sea.

- the most popular request from Russian buyers. Yeah, deals also take place with the villas located on Italian lakes, Garda, Komo, Majore, buying apartments in mega-cities, sometimes foreigners choose real estate on mining resorts. However, Italy remains primarily a country for summer recreation.

The most affordable proposals Real estate in Italy You can find in the south. Especially in the Kalabria region. The Abruzzo region is also budgeted, although exceptions are also found here. The northern Italy, Liguria and Toscan, is considered the most prestigious and expensive areas. Sardinia and Sicilia also have some elite proposals.

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