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Residence365 - international real estate christie


Residence365 could be a very interesting story. Several real estate agencies and legal companies in the Netherlands and the Caribbean were initially founded by the company ' s founders, owing to the need to provide brokering services, as well as the provision of first-class elite properties and professional legal services.

By gaining a good reputation in the market, Residence365 became the exclusive partner of the international real estate office Christie’s in 2013. This cooperation allowed Residence365 to continue earning on its elite real estate business and to benefit from the new broad opportunities offered by the successful partnership with the international real estate office Christie’s International Real Estate.

A diverse portfolio of elite real estate, capable of satisfying the most excruciating customers.

There is an obvious relationship between the two companies that extends far beyond real estate and encompasses the famous Christie’s auction, which brings together people who acquire meaningful arts and beautiful objects of world real estate.

The elite real estate market in the Netherlands has long been under the radar of foreign investors, given the continuing high demand for exclusive luxury. Residence365 has all resources to service the world network of wealthy and authoritative clients from Christie’s International Real Estate and Christie’s Auction House.

Residence365 works in many markets, including excellent Brasshaat Shauten, Belgium.

In addition, perceptive buyers and investors in Dutch real estate often seek to acquire elite properties outside the Netherlands and can examine the world portfolio of international real estate Christie’s (covering 130 different markets), and obtain professional advice without need to travel outside the company ' s field offices.

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