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Where To Buy Real Estate

How do you make the site profit?

More than 50 million Russians use search systems on a monthly basis (according to ComScore). They mostly prefer Yandex and Google. Every person who reads this blog, at least once in his life puts his request into a search line for one of them.

People are looking for a place to go tonight, where To buy real estate Or gardening, how to meet the second half, where to book tickets and millions of things. People are looking and finding. But what they'll find depends on a number of reasons.

Have you thought about what pattern search systems show you websites? Why do you see one of them first and the other 267?

Search systems have their own algorithms to determine the sequence of resource performance upon request that you put into the system. The better the site responds to the question you ask, the higher his extradition status.

And the higher the site, the more people go online, find the necessary product or service and order it. So that your website can be easily found, use a special set of actions called SEO.

SEO is the optimization of the site for search systems. This way of promoting a business has long been developed in the West, where 74 per cent of all companies use it (the Agency ' s Lead411).

SEO allows its site to be advanced to the top of the search. For most of the sites, the main objective is to go to the TOP, the very first entries on the front page of your request. For example, TOP 5 is requested by " tourism agencies " :

Как заставить сайт приносить прибыль?

Studies have shown that not more than 10 per cent of users are on the 2nd page of search systems. 90% only check the sites that hit the front page. Naturally, the sites there receive a large number of visits and therefore sales.

Most of the commercial resources you see in the first positions in the search results have come out solely because of SEO. Putting the site on the TOP will help to facilitate automated progress

There are simple and understandable reports in the system that you can track your website as you wish to say, moving into the D.C.A.A. Day after day.

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