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Real Estate Value

недвижимость в италии

On average, apartments in the country are between 2 and 3 thousand square metres. I'll need 100-200 thousand to buy a single-bedroom routine. Precisely increases the price of proximity to the marks. For example, the central regions of Rome, Venice, Milan and I 6000 for the Quadrat are not rare. The proximity of the sea, mining resorts and the development of urban infrastructure also affect the cost.

A typical villa in Italy will cost you 300 to 500,000. If you want to save it, choose not too crowded tourist regions in the south and east of Italy. In Italy, by the way, there is a large choice of houses in closed-circuit urbanization with basins, children ' s sites and other infrastructure.

If your family doesn't find a home, you can build it with Italian contractors. Housing prices are dependent on the location and availability of communications, but the average self-reliance of the villa is 20 to 30 per cent cheaper than the purchase of a similar facility in the primary market.

There are no restrictions on the purchase of real property for foreigners in Italy. You can buy apartments, houses, taunhouses, commercial facilities. The only exception is the ban on the acquisition of agricultural land.

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