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Essential economy: in 2015, banks will remain without

- Good afternoon, Michael Mihailović! The Investment Insurance Agency should select several large banks, the Ministry of Finance approved the trillion of the Federal Capitalization bonds. What kind of banks are the selection criteria, are they known to you?

♪ Indeed, this instrument has been under discussion for a month. Both the Government and the Central Bank and the AEC are working quickly enough. In fact, these bonds, which will be accounted for in bank capital of 1 trillion roubles.

First of all, the banks are the largest. That's probably about 20. Banks will find it difficult to increase their credit portfolios at a rate of at least 1 per cent or around 1 per cent per month in 2015, and around 10 per cent to 12 per cent per year. And banks that will assume a number of other obligations, naturally, if the State escapes them, State representatives should appear in private banks in their board of directors and participate in some of the operational decisions of the banks ' boards.

This tool is in itself important, the banking system in 2015 will balance on the brink of profitability, and it will in fact be profitable. This additional pillow is needed to ensure that banks comply with basic standards, key Central Bank regulations, especially capital sufficiency, credit size on one borrower in the 2015 crisis.

If we are concerned, the WTB group is certainly considering the possibility of using this instrument as necessary. For the TB-24, we have sufficient capital on the new Central Bank methodology from 1 January to 11.7 per cent against 10 per cent. The very good profits of last year, and the reserve of strength for the first half of the year, will certainly be enough for us to not resort to this instrument, and then for the sake of the group, we will look at the use of such a way to increase capital.

♪ With regard to the continuation of the authorization of the banking sector, it is worth mentioning that the Central Bank is doing it regularly, and what do you think is the outcome of 2015, how many banks remain in the system?

♪ You know, the exact number of banks, I think it's pointless that no one can predict, although very often journalists, observers ask the question: what the Central Bank has. In fact, I think there's no digital goal, no meaning, the number of banks, it's gonna fall markedly in 2015. First of all, since 1 January, there is a new requirement for the minimum capital of banks.

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