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Real Property In The Germans

How to increase the cost of real property in Germany

Munich Centre: apartments in Munich are prestigious, expensive, but also promising

Germany, 2030. Futura's grandmother is moving out of her house in the village. She's 84, but she's healthy and active. So she decided not to settle in a nursing home, but in a house with her children and grandchildren. She's settled in her son's modern house and her mother-in-law, downtown Munich. Futura's grandmother takes care of children, she's not alone and she's helping her. Not only in the house, little shops that haven't been around for years have come back. The hairdresser is around the corner, just as the tailor is, cities need goods and services close to home again. Most houses now live alone rather than family. And they have too many places, they think Futur.

Such fantasies are already being heard today by the prospector of the future, Horst Opashovsky of Hamburg, when he discusses housing trends in Germany in the coming decades:
People buy lifestyles, not just house or apartment in Germany. In addition to financial calculations, other forms of investment are usually more beneficial than investing in real estate for personal use before buying Real property in Germany The following issues should be considered:

  • For which cities and suburbs there are good economic, social and demographic projections?
  • Is there any hope that a house or apartment in Germany will rise at a price?
  • If so, in which areas would the price increase more than on average?
  • How should a house or apartment in Germany be built or rebuilt, so that they are attractive in decades?

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