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Investments In Foreign Property

Real property as investment object

инвестиции в недвижимость

Investing in commercial property

Investing in commercial real property is attractive, first of all, the possibility of delegation of authority in the management and recruitment of specialists for the full or partial management of real property. It is possible to use electricity, plumbing and so on, and in the case of large and/or multiple facilities, the services of a control firm that will fully perform all real estate maintenance functions. This will, at a minimum, partially eliminate rental, repair, rental, etc. In fact, the work of the managers will have to be monitored, but this is very different from the need to do everything on their own. In addition, investment in commercial real property generates large incomes than housing.

The main obstacle to such an investment option would require significant investment. There is also a need for more time to be spent than in the possession of housing. We're gonna need to redesign the power supply, set and service all kinds of enumerators, maintain the accounting, pay the tax bills... All of this needs to be at least an initial performance, even when a team of professionals manages real estate.

Procurement of land

The price of such plots is more affordable, the likelihood of fraud is minimized, and it is difficult to make the site ineffective. The particularities of investing in this type of real estate are easier to acquire a piece of land through direct contact with its owner, and the redesign of documents is much easier.

Separate sections according to purpose and purpose of operation. Short-term investments, with lower costs and profits, are carried out into land that is designated for private housing and located within the boundaries of the administrative territories. In contrast, more time, costs and profits bring agricultural and commercial land (for construction) commercial property) Moreover, the taxation of land is relatively low.

A notable negative point is the increase in State control over the exploitation of land, which is not convenient for the purchase of a site for further sale.

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