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Inexpensive Property

Personal experience: low-cost apartment on kippra

Личный опыт: большая и


Buyer: Yuri and Helena from the town of Gubkin, Yamalo-Nenetsky AO


Region: Cyprus, Paphos

Subject: single-room apartment

Price: I55000

Transaction: Secondary Market Purchase, 2013

* Dear real estate, from me to 100,000, to buy easily, no problem at all. It's cheap, but the quality needs to be found.
♪ There's no problem with public transport in town. He's on schedule. ♪
♪ It's left-handed. It was hard for me to restructure first. I was confused about what side I needed to stay on.

♪ Yuri when you I bought an apartment in Cyprus.?
- On 25 March 2013, during the worst crisis in Cyprus. It wasn't done specifically, just the tickets we took in advance, in four months, and we didn't want to give up. They finally bought a flat in Paphos. It's 850-900 metres from the sea, if it's a quick step, 12-15 minutes.

- Why Paphos, not Limassol, for example?
♪ Because the cost of the quadrate in Paphos is more attractive than in Limassol. And plus, it's a quiet town. Aya-Napa's good for youth, Limassol's big and expensive. And Paphos is a very nice calm place. It's cozy and there's something to see. In 2012, my wife and I were on vacation twice. I loved it.

♪ What did you like?
♪ The locals are friendly to the Russians. Without English, you can go easy. Any store will understand you, even though you speak Russian. Any exits are tolerant.

♪ What do you mean, "exit"?
♪ Like, there was a case like that. I went to the local Orthodox temple. It's been like getting under the dome. It was just open, like, no restrictions or prohibitions. Turns out that wasn't supposed to happen. I went up there, stood there, looked into it, and only on my way out, they told me I'd rather not get in there. And without any claims, it's very good. I've apologized, of course, and for myself, I'm not sure that this is possible in Russia.

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