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Real Estate Sales In Italy

Real property purchase in Italy

Аренда и продажа недвижимости

The interest in Italian real estate by CIS citizens is constantly increasing. The procedure for the purchase of real property in Italy is difficult and may be very complicated, especially for people who do not speak Italian and do not know all the characteristics of working with Italians. The Italian real estate market is strictly regulated by law and all procedures must be strictly enforced, and Italian legislation is radically different from Russian.

It is therefore always necessary to have a good, experienced consultant with a good knowledge of the Italian and Russian language, able to assess all risks and to make an independent assessment before you sign or pay. Only with the right stress escort will be minimized. Remember that under Italian law, real property may be offered by a licensed intermediary authorized by the owner or by the owner of the real estate. Usually the broker between the seller and the buyer is Real estate agencyby his founder. More about who can sell real estate.

Before you become interested in all the details of the procedure, it is necessary to assess all the costs to be incurred.

Housing choice

First of all, you need to determine what type of housing you want to purchase for. This may be a modern villa or an apartment with all the conveniences built using the most modern materials and technologies, or an old house that needs a major reconstruction. As soon as you've determined your choice and found the housing of your dreams, you need to make an examination. In the examination, it is important to draw attention to the condition of the walls (practice, cheese), the state of the roof, the availability of all communications.

If you intend to lease your real estate in the future, specify whether the public transport area is well serviced and consider how far the airport is. In large cities, there must be a bus or subway stopping in the vicinity, as public transport is the norm in Italy. Apartments and villas near the beach have very high cost-effective potential, both because of constant price increases and the virtually complete absence of new constructions on the shore.

If you want to look for housing on your own to search for these sites:

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