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Sale Of Apartments In Italy

Apartments and apartments in Italy

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Many tourists who have travelled to Italy, its sea or mountain resorts, or tour guides, want to come here again and again and at times the idea of buying apartheid here. Elite, as well as low-cost apartments in Italy, is always a high demand by attracting both the country and the quality of apartheid. For many centuries, Italy has been considered a leader in the introduction and development of new construction technologies.

Any new elite Italy - It's as easy as possible, there's no new housing with limited comfort conditions, just simple, functional space with modern planning and old quality construction traditions. Quarters in Italy, which are usually priced not by metrage, but more by location, number of rooms, type of window and additional convenience, in the form of terrace, veranda, garden, etc., are the desired purchase for many foreigners.

Of particular interest are apartments in Italy with large balconies, with a view to the historical city or city parks. The sale of apartments in Italy is most often a small family business. Besides, the acquisition of your Italian housing is an opportunity to rent it to tourists, for example, when you're going to be absent. And since the value of immovable property grows every year, it means that this purchase is the best way to increase savings.

In order to buy an apartment in Italy, it is not necessary to be a citizen of that country, because the law allows purchases to be made by foreigners. In addition, Italy, as a member of the EU, has a legislative system common to EU member countries, i.e. it is aimed at protecting the interests of the owner to the maximum.

Foreign nationals and Italians are equal under Italian law to purchase real property. By legal measures, the purchase of an apartment in Italy is a simple process with a minimum bureaucracy. The only nuance-- it's fixed in time, faster than the law, it's not gonna be possible to own real estate. In addition, one of the advantages of buying an Italian apartment is the country ' s comfortable position vis-à-vis the RF. Flight time only takes 3.5 hours, and Moscow has daily direct flights or Peter twice a week. This makes Italy comfortable in visiting Russian citizens.

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