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How Much Is The Property On The Viper

Housing prices

недвижимость на кипре недорого

Cyprus is one of the world ' s most popular recreational activities. The soft, solar climate, the warm sea, the healthy Mediterranean kitchen and the developed entertainment infrastructure attract many foreigners, many of whom buy Real property in Cyprus

Housing in Cyprus There is a high demand, because, by purchasing a value of Euro300,000, foreigners can obtain a permanent GNW and by investing Euro2 million, they can become a national. The advantageous tax system and the low cost of housing in European measures are important factors that stimulate the interest of international buyers.

There are two States on the island of Cyprus. About 60 per cent of the territory belongs to the Republic of Cyprus, the remainder to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRC). The value of real property in the TFRC is lower than in the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus ' most famous and popular resort cities: Limasol, Paphos, Larnaca, Paralimni.

Limasol is a major economic, cultural and financial centre of the country. It sells the most expensive properties on the island, prices reach 3,000 euros/m2.

Paphos has many luxury hotels, architectural monuments, restaurants and recreational opportunities. Townhouses can be bought for Euro300,000 or a villa on a hill with a view at sea at a cost of Euro500,000.

Larnaca is a democratic resort with a low cost of rest and residence. Real property in the city is Euro1, 2-1, 5,000/m2. Larnaca's main advantage is an international airport nearby.

Aya-Napou for active night life is referred to as the Cyprus Ibica. In addition to dozens of restaurants, bars and clubs, the city is the best on the island of beaches, 14 of which are marked by Blue Flags. Real property in Aya Napa is Euro2, 1-2, Euro5,000/m2.

For those who want To buy real estate In Cyprus, the towns of Pissuri and Polis will come in a quiet, vice and private place. The cost of houses is about Euro500,000.

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