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North Cyprus

North Cyprus

Весь Кипр с высоты птичьего

Real estate in Northern Cyprus is a sophisticated combination of West and East

Real property in Northern Cyprus You'll have to do whatever you love Greek and eastern culture or just love the Mediterranean climate. Northern Cyprus is an unrecognized State at the moment, so there is no obstacle to the entry and purchase of real property here.

Primary and secondary housing in Northern Cyprus

Secondary housing in Northern Cyprus is not as active as primary. Cities and foreign suburban clubs are growing actively by attracting funds from foreigners wishing to buy a house at sea. But secondary housing can be bought on this island, in most cases it does not diminish the quality of a refresher. It is also worth noting that Russian companies or enterprises with full-fledged Russian-speaking representation are often responsible for the construction themselves, so that they can buy a house in comfort.

Where do you want to buy housing in North Cyprus?

There are several places to buy housing in Northern Cyprus. The main popularity is the northern shore of the island, because there is everything that our people love so much: the warm sea right outside the house and the painting mountains on the horizon, which in the morning they're sniffing into the sad stack of mist. The purchase of real property in Northern Cyprus is always a good capital investment, because it is on the coast of the sea, and in the centre of the capital, Lefkosh, the houses have a huge demand from tourists, and the rent can be paid in good terms. In Cyprus, the exact answer to the question, "where to buy?" - it's beautiful in all its areas.

Real property prices in Northern Cyprus

For housing in Northern Cyprus, the prices depend on the sea ' s proximity to the house or apartment purchased. However, even at the very edge of the sea, the cost is not as high as the rest of the Mediterranean. Due to the country ' s failure to formally recognize, the authorities are placing tourism and foreign private capital, so prices are very low. For example, the apartments in Kirnia (north shore) will be worth 40,000, and the taunhouse in the same area will be around Ja44,000. And it's not "the warm faints," it's very simple, Greek open buildings, full of sun and light. The real estate of Northern Cyprus is largely realized from the developer, so if invested in the construction phase, the house is cheaper.

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