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Real Property Lease

Rental and sale of real property on cyber

Аренда недвижимости на Кипре

CUPUIDOMIA welcomes you and proposes to dive into the world of luxury, style and beauty! To your services, our high professionalism and long experience with Russian clients!
Here, you'll find the best bid to rent a villa in Cyprus! A process Real property purchases in Cyprus It's gonna be an unforgettable and happy event for you! Call! 8910-866-9595

The coast of Cyprus is the best place to rent apartheid at sea.

Why do a lot of people choose to live in rented housing instead of a hotel?
1. The sea's immovability is no worse than the hotel room. There is everything necessary for life, and even more, simplicity, sense of freedom, lack of hotel staff.
2. Rental of real estate involves renting villas, apartments in Cyprus. It's a big choice here, from budget real estate to sophisticated swimming pools.
3. renting an apartment or a house in Cyprus is cheaper than living in hotels. This would be a special option for families with children or friends.

Why does our agency deserve your trust?
1. Our office is located directly in Cyprus (Mr. Aya Napa), we are directed towards CIS citizens.
2. A long period of work has been in this area since 2007.
3. Provide a full range of services, legal transaction, consultancy support for the purchase of villas from the sea in Protaras (or any other part of South Cyprus).
4. Openness, honesty of business, sincere desire to help a client, we care not only about the number of transactions, but also the reputation of the agency.
5. We will help rent a villa or an apartment in Cyprus without intermediaries and a commission.

If you have a wish to rest in Cyprus by renting a place or getting real estate here, please, we'll consult quickly on all matters!

We can suggest:
- a large range of objects;
- to remove the villa or cottage in Cyprus in Protaras or any other place;
- Induction tours to examine pre-purchase facilities;

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