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Buy An Apartment In The Bulgarian Sea Of Low Cost

Small property in Bulgaria

Недорогая квартира в Сарафово
- perhaps the most frequent request of the Russians to become owners of foreign property. Housing prices in the former " 16th Republic of the USSR " are among the lowest in Europe. It's even in the resorts. buying an apartment. cost up to 12,000. Of course, such facilities will not be located on the first line of the sea. As a rule, only a small studio can be bought for this price. But the fact remains that Bulgaria has such prices.

Customer popularity in the countryside. Here the prices are very funny. The truth and the quality of cheapest housing will not impress imagination.

In choosing low-cost real property in Bulgaria, a preliminary examination of the site should not be neglected. With a lot of probability, you won't be able to start living in it right after the purchase, you'll need repairs, maybe rebuilding. It'd be nice to put the money in advance...

It must also be borne in mind that the investment value of low-cost real property in Bulgaria will be minimal; it is unlikely that it will be costly and uninterested to tenants. If you want to earn a living, the realtors advise on a more substantial amount.

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