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Квартира в Лорето-Апрутино

Real estate in Italy is of maximum diversity. There are also doses in the idle rural areas at a cost of Euro50 to 100,000 and excellent villas, penthouses on the coast for tens of millions of euros. There are mining and sea resorts, painting lakes, large developed cities and a rich legacy of oldine. Prices housing in Italy average Euro2,000/m2.

The most expensive Italian cities, where the average cost of real property is between Euro3 and Euro78,000/m2 - Rome, Venice and Milan. Rome is certainly the most favoured Italian city among foreign buyers. Apartments at the historical centre can be purchased for Euro500,000, and villas cost between Euro700,000 and Euro1 million.

The Italian lakes are one of the most popular tourist destinations where rental housing is profitable. The most expensive real estate is sold on the banks of Como and Garda. There are 2,500 euros/m2. The cost of elite objects is Euro10,000/m2.

The Italian Visit Card is the sea of green hills and the fields of Toscan. Real property is between Euro200,000 and Euro30 million. Buy real estate in Italy In this region, Italian and world celebrities often want - Toscan is created to rest quietly on the horse.

Umbriya is called the Italian green heart. The area around Lake Trazimeno and Perugia is particularly popular. In Umbria, there's a lot of villas surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. A pool and garden house can be bought for Euro400,000.

The small Liguria area is one of Italy ' s most expensive regions. Elite properties on the coast of Genoa, Portofino, Chinkwe-Terre cost more than Euro10,000/m2.

Italian islands are popular among foreigners, which are glossy. A pool house and a garden in Sicilia can be bought for Euro300,000, while in Sardinia the purchase will cost Euro500-6000,000.

The northern regions of Italy, Piemont and Valle d’Avost, are glossed by ski resorts. The most famous Italian mining resort, Cortina d’Ampezzo, is the only city in the country that belongs to the association of Best of the Alps. The prices of modern shades range from Euro10 to Euro15,000/m2. Apartments in the centre of the city are about Euro1 million.

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