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Frequency In Francia By Lazour Banks

Real property in the Latin bank of France: investment and lifestyle

Лазурный берег. ФранцияThe shore from the geographical name of the southern Mediterranean coast of France has long been transformed into a screaming, centuries of association with a certain way of life available to the richest people of the world. One of the first resorts in Europe, for centuries, inspired by its beauty of the most famous artists and attracted the richest and most powerful people of various historical eras. The atmosphere of this place is difficult to compare with something else, understand and feel it aspired by millions of tourists every year, but it is truly revealed only to those who can afford to become " citizens " of this single and most amazing country, to acquire real property on the French Lasourne Bereg and to find a mass of admirable parts that make comfort and joy for life every day.

The very Lasour Bank of France begins at your house, outside the gates of your own residence, drowning in the green garden, with its fantastic beans in the Belle Epoque style, with a view to the sea of amazing color, and continues to endure with the wonderful world surrounding it. The shore is at the same time one of the world ' s capitals and business and learning tourism, and fashions, and culture and “tustoms”. The endless unusual combinations of high French kitchens, an incredible cosmopolitan atmosphere and a completely exclusive infrastructure of the class of lux.

Недвижимость на Лазурном берегу Франции Дом во Франции. Вилла на Лазурном берегу

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