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Procurement and processing of real property in France

Карта ФранцииFrance is not only a country of wine, cheese and Charles de Gaulle, but also one of the most popular ways to invest in real estate by foreign investors, including Russia.

France is the country not only of the fascene Lazoural Bank and the world-famous Paris, but also of old, well-established castles, wonderful housewives located in a not less famous French province, a country of world-famous and viable mining, climatic and palneological resorts based on mineral water sources.

The largest demand from foreign buyers has traditionally taken advantage of real estate on the French Lasourne and real estate in Paris. More recently, the admiration of other regions of France, Aquitani, the mining regions of the French Alps and Pireneev, Bretani and other equally beautiful French lands, has become more appreciated.

France ' s mining resorts are represented at a wide price range from more affordable real estate on Pirenah to elite in Alps, where the Chamoni resort is particularly popular with tourists and investors. Liability on French mining resorts can be used both for their own winter rest with their families or friends and for short-term travellers.

There is also a particular interest in real property in Corsica, a beautiful mountain island in the Mediterranean, located only 170 kilometres from the Lazurny Coast. Real property in Corsica is not part of the mass demand that can be offered to all. It's a special, exclusive product for the censors of an incredibly disturbing alloy of ancient history, a wild beauty and a delicate balance between the color of authenticity and the advantages of modernity.

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