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How To Rent An Apartment In Germany

How to rent an apartment in Germany?

MieteYou need to know the important thing is that there are two sums in Germany: Kaltmiete (caltmite), or Nettomiete (nettomate), and Warmmiete (warmite).

Kaltmiete (Caltmite) is rent-free from utilities. Thus, the lease will always be higher than Kaltmiete.

In addition to Kaltmiete, there is Nebenkosten - additional payments, i.e. utilities. They mainly include:

  • hot water,
  • heating,
  • garbage removal,
  • Hausmeister's work is the head of the house, is responsible for the order of the house so that the flowers in the courtyard are pure,
  • replacement of pipes in the house,
  • using the elevator, even if you live on the first floor.
But why is the price in an area roughly the same? In Germany, there is a Mietspiegel (mithashpigel) index of average rent prices of apartments, which the lessors may not exceed. The index is based on cities as well as urban areas, so you can see the average price of renting your future apartment. The index is legally protected under § 558c BGB.

In short, your rent is equal.

Kaltmiete + Nebenkosten = Warmmiete

Warmmiete This is the final cost of renting the apartment. We have to understand that there's no such thing as internet or phone charges.

But it's not over, it doesn't end. Kaution (cowage) and often provision (provision) are also paid when the apartment is removed in Germany. What is this?

Kaution(s) pays the owner of the apartment (Vermieter). It's a deposit that returns when he leaves the apartment. This amount may not be returned unless something is broken or broken in the apartment; or, for example, if the rent is not paid within the time limit or otherwise. If something in the apartment breaks, for example, a door lock, a crane, a laminate, a call, etc., it pays the owner of the apartment. But he needs to write a letter or call, report a breakdown in time.

The principal amount of the deposit is 2 sizes rentbut the maximum price shall not exceed 3 rents.

If you rent an apartment for 500 euros, the deposit will be 1,000, which will require you to pay the owner 500 + 1,000 = 1,500 euros.

Provision (provision) is the amount paid for the services of the real estate agent (Makler). In Germany, apartments are most often rented through a real estate agency. The tenant thus saves its time by seeking future residents for the agent. Of course you can find an apartment not through an agency, i.e. without intermediaries. Such an announcement would contain provisionsfrei, i.e. without payment to the agent.

The commission of the agent is 2.38 times from Kaltmiete. If the Katlemiete apartment is Euro370, the commission will be Euro370 *2, 38 = 880, 6 euro.

Quarters can be meblized, but most often rent apartments without furniture. So before you go into the German apartment, don't forget to buy a suffocated mattress for the first time.

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