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Rental Of Apartments In Germany

Remove the apartment in Germany or live in the house: prices, collateral, housing regulations

Снять квартиру в ГерманииLiving in a rented apartment for a very long time, which could be 10 years, is a normal option for Germans. Private property is very expensive at a price, so the shore Germans are approaching the purchase of property on credit in a reasonable manner. Yes, and in addition, there are always difficulties in Germany with work, sometimes the shift of work has to move to huge distances, so rented housing is more practical than its own and creates less trouble at moving. When choosing between the house and the apartment, the economists would prefer the second option because the flat would cost much less.

What is the cost of renting housing in Germany:

For example, the rental of a two-room apartment in Munich per month could cost Euro500. But we should not be very excited that these are all nests that need to be carried.Снять квартиру в Германии In addition, the so-called cold value (die Kaltmiete) needs to be paid separately for the parking, as well as various additional payments, ranging from Euro50 to Euro50 plus: garbage removal, fire insurance, utilities (heating, water). In German, rent paid for an apartment/house + utilities is already known as die Warmmiete or pre-conditional, hot value.

And another compulsory deposit (die Kaution) of one to two months of rent. This bail will be given to the tenant if he decides to move out of the apartment without breaking and messing with the apartment. But if something's broken, that bond will not be paid to the tenant or paid, but not completely.

So the sum will eventually be huge. It's worth considering that housing is rented without furniture, the maximum that can be in the apartment is a simple kitchen. But you'll have to pay for it.

Снять квартиру в ГерманииIt's worth a lot. rent an apartment in Germany: average land cost

In Germany, 16 land between which differences exist not only in dialects, schooling, holidays, applications to the USG, but also in the cost of housing in Germany, both rented and purchased.

We'll take a look at the 2nd room apartments covering 50-60 square metres. The average cost of renting a flat without utilities by land will be:

  • Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Bremen, Hamburg, 350-550 euro
  • Berlin 400-600 Euro
  • Brandenburg, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Sachsen-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thüringen 250-400 euro
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saarland, Sachsen 200-350 euro

P.s. if you want, you can find an apartment for Euro200-300 on any land! You can also find an apartment for 1,000 euros=)

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