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How To Buy Real Estate In Germany

How to buy real estate in Germany: a step-by-step guide

How do real estate agencies work in Germany?

Before you buy real estate in Germany, it's important to understand how realtors work there. All reelators in Germany are two types:

  • seller representatives (90 per cent)
  • representatives of the buyer (thousands 10 per cent).

Representatives of the seller have at their disposal several facilities to which they are entitled to be sold from the owner. The seller ' s representatives are not looking for objects. If you turn to them, they'll just give you a list of their facilities.Как купить недвижимость в Германии If you have a specific request, for example, " it is necessary to buy real property in Germany: the 3rd room apartment in the prestigious area of Munich Herzog Park " , the seller ' s representative will be able to find in his base the force of the 1-2 suitable object and perhaps not one. So, working with the representatives of the sellers, you need to circumvent all of them to get a complete list of objects suitable for your request. Accordingly, each representative of the owner is interested in selling his own object, whether or not it fits you.Как купить недвижимость в Германии The owner ' s representative would also speak only of the dignity of his facilities and would not mention the shortcomings, which was logical.

Representatives of the buyer working on the other side, with them and with them to buy real estate in Germany♪ They do not have their own facilities, so they do not need to try to " push " their facilities. They can speak openly about the shortcomings of each apartment. The point is that the buyer ' s representative represents the buyer ' s interests. So he, like the buyer, doesn't care what kind of seller would have a apartment or a house in Germany, it's important that it be the buyer, that is, you.

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