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Rossian ' s demand for foreign real estate has fallen by a third over the past year. The Lasour Bank is increasingly interested in the Russians, who, because of the currency and political situation, have begun to look after the houses in Sochi and Crimea. The preference is now given to countries where a residence permit can be obtained quickly, for example in Cyprus, or a stable investment income.

According to analysts, the demand of Russians for foreign properties fell by about a third in a year. Not only have the number of requests and transactions changed, but also country distribution.

Our compatriots have temporarily ceased to buy real estate for their own leisure (resume to eat long-distance on Lazour Bereg) and focused on the merchant interests of obtaining a residence permit or guaranteed income.

Residence permit (RW)

The number of requests is increasing to the real estate of those countries that are willing to rapidly provide the GNW in return for investment.

Countries such as Cyprus and Spain are increasingly choosing investors.

Spain accounts for 20 per cent of Rossian queries, and Cyprus ' s share does not exceed 3 to 5 per cent, but the country ' s high potential is attributed to the GNW policy.

In order to obtain the privileges of education, movement and employment in the European Union, more Rossians now receive Cyprus ' s fast-track passport with investment in the country ' s real estate, the Director of the Sales Department, Ludmil Axenenenko. " For three to six months, with a fairly adequate investment in real property, you become a citizen of the European Union and enjoy all his benefits. However, there is no mandatory number of days per year to stay in the country, and real property can be leased. " The expert speaks.

The residence permit in Cyprus remains one of the most accessible: By buying real estate I'm 300,000. The same rates in Greece and Bulgaria, and in Spain, I will have to spend 500,000.

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