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Rental Of Property In Germany

Where does a student live in German?

studencheskoe-zhile-v-germaniiEvery year, thousands of foreign nationals come to Germany, many of whom are German students. It is not surprising, therefore, that there is a pressing need to find and rent suitable student housing. All options for renting housing property, plus and minus each of them are in our article.

Rental of apartment

In Germany, many apartments are owned not by private owners, but by companies that build multi-family houses not for subsequent sale, namely rent. In such a situation, the tenant will be released from bereaved owners who are concerned about the security of their property and, sometimes, too often too often visiting. Also, by choosing such an apartment, the lessee is free from the risk that six months later he will have to find a new place of residence, because the owners will suddenly change their minds to give it up. In company-owned houses, dwellings can be rented for a lifetime (of course, unless they violate the rules of residence).

On the other hand, such apartments are rented without furniture, so they will have to be bought and, if they move to a new place (as most Germans do). However, it is also possible to find a more common option for the Russians when the apartment belongs to a private person and is given with furniture.

The cost of renting housing in Germany varies across cities and regions. For example, in Munich, which is considered to be one of the country ' s most expensive cities, a single apartment can be rented at an average cost of Euro700-800 per month. In Berlin or in Frankfurt na Maine, decent housing can be found for Euro500-600. And in small towns like Erfurt, Bamberg or Hildesheim, it's possible to count Euro300-400 for a single room.

We will make it clear that these are exemplary prices that are not relevant to real estate in the very centre of the city (although not entirely on the outskirts). Like anywhere near the center, the more the monthly rent will be.

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