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Remove The Apartment In The Greeks

Rental of Greek property

Аренда трехкомнатной квартиры

If you acquired real estate in Greece, but you don't plan to live in the country for a year, renting housing is a good way to generate income.

The purchase and lease of real property in Greece is a modern European trend. By investing in buying the house, you can buy them quickly. Our company is taking over all the troubles of finding tenants, processing and signing the lease, transferring money to your account, and looking for real estate.

The spring season in Greece and, in particular, on the Halkidik Seam begins in April and ends in October. A lot of people prefer to rent a house all year. Rental rates depend on many factors, including the type of leased real property, the duration of the lease, the time of the year, the proximity to the sea. The average annual rental cost, for example, of a double-deck house with a precinct and near the sea, is Euro 10,000 or Euro150 per day in the case of short-term leases. Getting an apartment on the coast in the summer. Euro40-55 On a day.

Experts predict that Real estate prices in Greece Nowadays, there will be no steady decline, and demand will increase through increased tourism flows and investment in the country.



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The minimum duration of rental of dwellings is 3 years and must be documented.

♪ If housing is rented for the family, it is desirable to specify in the contract and F.I.O. spouses/ha.

♪ In the case of rentals for students ' residence, it is recommended that parents sign the contract, or parents should guarantee rent and other expenses.

♪ Even if a written contract is agreed for a lesser period, the owner and the lessee are bound by commitments for at least three years.

♪ If, for example, the owner and the lessee indicate in the lease contract a shorter period (for example, 8 months, 1 year, etc.) and the lessee transfers real estate after an agreed period, the owner accepts the keys without problem. The lessee shall be required to receive the owner ' s written claim for accommodation and that he has no future lease claim.

♪ This mandatory period can only be changed by a new, notarized agreement, which can only be effected six months after the start of the lease.

♪ After three years have elapsed, the owner may demand his real estate at any time and the lessee must hand it over.

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