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Remove The Apartment In France

How to rent a place in France?

После того как вы

The publicity of renting housing in France is growing from year to year, with not only low-cost apartments and apartments, but also luxury taunhouses, villas and shades that are located in elite regions, in Lasourne Bereg and in Kurshevel. The rent of real property in France is good that everyone here is able to obtain any taste, depending on the location, climate and cost.

The conditions for renting housing in France depend on its type. In the case of long-term accommodation, the lease is at least six months. Typically, such housing options have already been filled with furniture. There is also a separate type of rental of real property when housing is rented at short notice, weekly, monthly, but not more than six months. Furniture apartments are provided for at least three years. As a rule, the owner requires the lessee to make a guarantee of the cost of a few months ' rent, and if the apartment is rented for a short period, the guarantee contribution depends on the location and value of the situation.

As to the timing of payments, monthly payments are usually recorded in the contract. The lessor may not set other payment dates (e.g. quarterly) without the consent of the tenant. If the latter does not have any necessary documents (e.g. a labour contract), the owner or agency may require a prepayment six months ahead. In some cases, financial guarantees must be provided, i.e. the opening of an account in the French bank and the annual rental of housing blocked before the end of the contract.

Additional rental costs in France include utilities and maintenance of the apartment, insurance, housing tax and the agency ' s commission. However, some of these payments are water, light, other utilities, and even cleaning can be included in the rental cost if the owner wishes. The Agency ' s Minimum Commission is 20 per cent of cost of apartmentbut sometimes it's much bigger and can reach 100%.

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