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Buy Real Estate In Low-Cost Greeks

Marketing of real estate in the shore

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Greece lured thousands of tourists with its unique history and all the sights that confirmed it. Many myths live on these lands. But Crete's island is not only a manite of Zevs' birth but also clean and beautiful beaches. By naming four seas, Ionic in the west, the Egays in the east, and in the south, the Mediterranean and the Critical Seas, the country is extremely attractive for the purchase of real estate.

Not only the capital, but also the country as a whole had adapted to the 2004 Olympics. Greece hosts guests at two modern airports in Athens and Thessaloniki. Modern structures, the release of roads, the installation of subways and the burning of cultural monuments make life and recreation in Greece even more beautiful.

Village cabins with red turtle and solar panels on rooftops will also leave no one indifferent. The real estate agencies of Greece offer a variety of options, including villas, houses, apartments, apartments, taunhouses in different regions of the country. The cheapest of them are apartments and apartments.

The cost of housing in the peninsula depends on many factors, the first of which is the distance from the sea. In addition, housing in islands with less developed infrastructure will be cheaper than older buildings. The floors of the house and the size of the area may also affect the price. But when you buy anything, Real estate in Greece additional maintenance costs - water, electricity, garbage disposal, etc.

Special features of housing purchases in Greece

By acquiring housing in Greece, foreigners are granted a residence permit and, together with him, a work permit. But most of the visitors prefer to engage in tourism business: they open cafes and restaurants. In addition, rental of recreational and even local housing is very popular.

The procurement procedure is not complicated and open to all foreign nationals who are not in arrears. Only when the border area is purchased requires a security permit, which takes a little longer. If the buyer is unable to pay the full price immediately, it may receive a mortgage of only 5.5 per cent per year.

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