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Real Property Prices In Greece

Real property

Низкие цены и золотые визы

The saloniki is a megapolis, and virtually no European city with a population of about a million people and above has a proud name of the Barcelona. In addition, the second largest city in Greece is also an industrial centre, a large number of factories, enterprises that are not well-connected with tourism infrastructure.

So the Salonik airport is more likely to use tourists who are not going to the city, but to the southeast of it to Khalidiki. Ah, who's interested in foreign buyers is, in fact, real estate in the outskirts of Salonik. Houses and taunhouses in small woods Sea

The outskirts of the city are true Greece, relaxed, chaotic and unobtained. The immovability of such a salon is in the atmosphere - there are no more villas with a fascinating landscape, but small houses. And when thousands of tourists paint the region with all the colors of the rainbow, it's so nice to put a petal flag on the balcony of their apartment.

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