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Real Property Prices In Bulgaria

Why are the Singers buying real estate in Bulgaria

продажа недвижимости в

Why CIS citizens buy real property in Bulgaria:

There's no way I'm going to get married to 18 children!
♪ Available housing prices. Real property prices in Bulgaria are the lowest in the European Union.

- Clean locality and soft climate. The winter in Bulgaria is soft and summer is not very hot compared to other tourist destinations.

♪ No language barrier. The Russian language is widely used in Bulgaria in communication.

- Historical and cultural proximity. A natural culture, similar customs and traditions.

♪ The country is attractive to pensioners. Bulgaria is considered to be a safe place to meet old age.

♪ Simple and understandable procedure for the purchase of real property.
- Big choice of objects.

♪ Available housing prices. If average prices for consumer goods and services in Europe are accepted for 100 per cent, they ranged from 48 per cent in Bulgaria to 138% in Denmark. That is, the lowest country in the EU - Bulgaria (at least Eurostat statistics for 2014), the most expensive - Denmark.

♪ Lowest real estate tax is the lowest in Europe. The tax is Euro30-100 per year, depending on the size of the dwelling area. Service costs are also very low.

♪ The possibility of increasing their investment. Given the unstable economic situation in the countries of the neighbouring countries, real estate investment in a promising and dynamic Bulgaria is a guarantee for the preservation and expansion of capital. After the period of economic recovery and stabilization that has been observed in recent years, Bulgaria is now debating its full potential. Investors are particularly attracted to residential and commercial real estate in the major cities of Bulgaria, as well as to sea resorts, mining and palneological resorts.

♪ The purchase of real property in Bulgaria will provide you with a multivisa. In other words, you will be able to remain unhindered in Bulgaria for 90 days every six months. In addition, you have the right to a long-term stay or permanent residence in the country, which is virtually impossible in other European countries!

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