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Acquisition Of Real Property By A Foreign National

Is it possible to buy an apartment and pee in

Итальянское агентство

A non-resident of the Russian Federation: Is it possible to buy and sign an apartment as a foreign national without Russian citizenship?

Question: Can I buy an apartment and pee in it as a foreign national with no Russian citizenship? Does the fact that I have real estate in Russia, my early acquisition of citizenship?

Reply to the question In Russia, a foreign citizen may buy apartments completely unimpeded. A foreign national ' s passport in Russian, certified by a Russian notary, visas and registration certificates in the Russian Federation, is sufficient to purchase an apartment.

The registration fee for the registration of ownership of an apartment purchased by an alien would be higher than for a Russian citizen within 25,000 roubles. Your registration on the purchased area is also possible. Then you may also acquire Russian citizenship, but on general grounds. Ownership does not automatically give the right to acquire citizenship.

If a foreigner is married, he must present the consent of the spouse to acquire an apartment which must also be certified by a Russian notary. The consent of the spouse may be drawn from the notary in the home country, but it must be accompanied by apostille, a special stamp certifying the authenticity of the signature and the status of the certifying person.

There are no restrictions on the acquisition by foreigners of residential property in the territory of the Russian Federation. According to article 12 of the USSR Law " On the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals in the USSR " , foreigners may own a house and other property, exercise property and personal non-property rights.

The right to property of a foreigner in Russia is completely different from that of a Russian citizen on the same property.

But it must always be borne in mind that in any deal with an alien, the rules of the country of residence and the country of the transaction are met. His country ' s 18-year-old European citizen ' s apartment could be left unbearable by law, as he would be able to enter into legal and property relations only after 21 years or even 25 years.

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