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House In Bulgarian Sales

Варна Бутик Виллас, недорогие

Our real estate agency Life Art has been helping foreign investors to buy a low-cost house in Bulgaria for over eight years. On our website, you will find a huge choice of houses for sale in all cities from small rural buildings to elite villas.

House options can be selected and examined using the Cena and Gorod filter. If you don't know what you want to buy, our specialists will help you get a great villa in the resort.


Inspection and purchase of houses in Bulgaria

If you have found a suitable option, contact the agency ' s representatives who are willing to assist in choosing a cozy house in any region of Bulgaria.

The next step in buying the house is a study tour to Bulgaria, aimed at the personal perception of the client of the facility. In order to maximize the impact of travel, it is recommended that 4 to 6 sites be selected. After the examination and subsequent selection, the primary documents or contracts should be issued, which would require:

Passports with a life of at least 3 months;

Amounts of money covering an initial contribution or advance (at least 1,000 - 2000 Euro)

Indicative prices

The price limit on the sale of houses in Bulgaria depends on the type of property chosen. There are many proposals, both for low-cost real property, which range from Euro 10,000 to Euro45,000 and for elite housing, the cost of which is unevenly small at the price of advanced European resorts.

Both pensioners and families can thus afford Buy some cozy. House in Bulgariaboth at sea and mountains♪ It should also be noted that the attractiveness of the price of real estate in Bulgaria is a high European quality.

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