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Houses In Bulgaria

Liability in Burgas

If you're interested in real estate in Bulgaria for permanent residence with the possibility of giving good education to children, Burgas is perfect for you. One of the country ' s largest cities has settled on the Black Sea coast between two lakes. Among the arguments in favour of the decision to purchase property in Burgas by families with children is the existence of a huge sea park that lasted 7 kilometres along the coast.

We have a lot of experience in Bulgaria, so with our help, you can easily choose and acquire an appropriate real estate facility in Burgas. The database contains photos of houses and apartments offered for sale at 650 square metres. You can also see our clients' feedback on company services.

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House in the village Недвижимость в Болгарии – Дом в деревнеID: 70 Real property: home To the airport: 15 km (Burgas) To the sea: 15 km Place: Burgas Area: Smoking Village: Alexandrov Type of rest: Sea Type of real property: News Home: 160 square metres. Place : 450

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