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A mortgage in Spain

Недвижимость в Испании в ипотекуReal property processing takes an average of two to four months. One of the main steps is to obtain mortgages in Spain. Spain provides loans to both legal and physical persons, both residents and non-residents. Pay attention to our catalogue. Real estate in Spainwhich is updated daily and contains proposals for the most interesting sites. After the selection of the affected object and its reservation, it is necessary to assess the missing amount and move directly to the mortgage procedure.

The mortgage in Spain is easily accessible to foreign nationals. However, in recent times, in view of the increasing number of debts due to credit or the rejection of housing for economic reasons, Spain has tightened the requirements for the documents provided to confirm your financial viability. There has also been an increase in the processing time for a mortgage application: instead of 2-3 weeks, your application may be considered 4-6. Spain does not have uniform requirements for the package of documents and their processing, so the requirements may vary from bank to bank. This relates in particular to the translation of documents into Spanish.

Such translation should necessarily be one of the following ways:

  1. In Spain ' s consulate in the complainant ' s country of residence.
  2. Official interpreter in the applicant ' s country of residence. Such a transfer requires notary assurances and the proclamation of Apostille.
  3. Interpreter (traductor jurado) in Spain. This is the simplest and most popular path. We are helping our clients prepare a package of documents and translate them into Spanish.

It is odd, however, that obtaining mortgages in Spain for non-citizens is easier than for the Spanish. The fact is that the Spanish banks do not require foreign nationals to provide a guarantor/sponsor.

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