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Real Property In Tenerith

Недвижимость на Тенерифе в

Tenerife Island is the most famous and large in the Canary Archipelago. The Russians opened it for themselves in the 1990s. Now, many of our compatriots are interested not only in rest, but also in buying housing here means not only to have a beautiful seasonal vacation, but also to invest in money. At the same time, the purchase could be very low compared to other European resorts. Prices are very acceptable, and the cost is often justified by the quality of real property.

The sale of facilities to foreigners was free; Spain did not derogate other developed European States in that regard. The construction level also corresponds to the European level. Many foreign tourists attend the islands every year, and this will help in the future to rent housing easily. Tenerife is thus an interesting acquisition in a variety of ways.

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